Celebrating Our Sustainable Journey: Certified for the Second Year in a Row!

Hey furriends 👋🏼 we have some exciting news to share!! For the second consecutive year, we have been certified as a sustainable brand by Global Measure, a leading Canadian organization in promoting environmental and ethical responsibility.

Embarking on the path of sustainability isn't just a trend for us; it's a commitment to making a positive impact on the world around us. From day one, we set out to champion eco-friendly practices throughout our operations and production of goods.

Enter Global Measure; a social enterprise that performs third-party oversight, credibility, and a platform for brands dedicated to doing the right thing. 

Through Global Measure’s holistic third-party certification process, our entire value chain was assessed. They examined everything from our brand commitments, staff/resource planning, production conditions, and product lifecycle. The process was very thorough and left us incredibly positive and hopeful for the future of sustainable ecommerce brands like ours.

Securing the certification for the second year validates our ongoing efforts to implement sustainable practices in our business. From sourcing our materials to manufacturing and packaging, every step has been carefully scrutinized to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Our commitment to sustainability doesn't end here; it's a lifelong journey. With Global Measure's stamp of approval, we're inspired to continue our mission of preserving the planet for future (fur baby) generations!


Who Is Global Measure?

Global Measure is a social enterprise established in 2021.

They are a female-led organization with experts in engineering, apparel design, and textile science. Their vision is to help consumers connect with authentically sustainable and ethical fashion by providing third-party oversight, credibility, and a platform for fashion brands dedicated to doing the right thing.

Their mission is to promote responsible, ethical and sustainable fashion. 


Brand Check

Global Measure makes it easy to verify POM & CHI’s sustainability commitments. By accessing https://globalmeasure.org/brand-check/ you can use their brand check tool to validate our credentials.

You can check out some of our certified items through the following label codes: CERT12563PC


POM & CHI's Global Measure Certification

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