POM & CHI is certified sustainable by Global Measure!

We Are A Global Measure Certified Sustainable Company!

We are so proud to announce that we have undergone a certification process with Global Measure, and are officially considered a certified sustainable company!

 POM & CHI Global Measure Sustainability Certification

Global Measure is Canada's first social enterprise focused on certifying the sustainable and ethical impacts of fashion businesses. They help brands by assessing and improving their production processes and marketing their verified sustainable claims.

From their website: 

"Our proprietary certification standard tells your brand's sustainable truth. We use industry accepted frameworks and academia to convey your brand's sustainable values. No greenwashing. Only your authentic brand claims."

During the certification process, POM & CHI not only had to pass, but excel at extremely stringent criteria including:

  • Company operations
  • Staff and leadership planning
  • Production conditions
  • Product design and development
  • Material assessed using proprietary LCA data

These strict criteria ensure that consumers connect with legitimately sustainable and ethical brands and avoid greenwashing.

We started POM & CHI with one main goal in mind: to create beautiful, minimal and high-quality goods for small dogs with sustainability being top of mind. If it can't be made sustainably, we're just not going to sell it. 

Being officially certified by Global Measure reinforces all the hard work we've done to get where we are today, and it feels SO good to be a certified sustainable company! 

If you're interested in learning more about sustainable and ethical fashion, Global Measure has an excellent blog post titled The Basics of Sustainable Fashion that we highly recommend reading!  

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