6 Reasons Why You Should Shop Local

There are so many incredible reasons to shop locally. The impact you can have on someone’s small business (and the community) can be monumental. Plus, you’d be helping an entrepreneur’s dreams come true. 

Aside from that, here are our top 5 reasons why you should shop local. 


1. It supports your local economy

Okay, we know this is an obvious one, but it’s important enough to mention. Shopping local means you’re supporting local businesses who hire local people, which helps to create jobs. 


“As of 2021, small businesses employed 8.2 million individuals in Canada, or 67.7% of the total private labour force.” - Key Small Business Statistics Canada

 That's nearly 70% of the total private labour work force! 


2. It creates a unique community and shopping experience

Shopping local helps support special and unique shopping experiences. Have you ever walked by a storefront, curious to go inside to discover what hidden gems they might have? Or have you ever randomly come across a farmer’s market or craft market, excited to discover new small businesses that exist in your own neighbourhood?

Shopping local helps support those special and unique experiences. Small businesses that can’t afford retail space are getting creative with pop-up spaces or gathering together at markets. It’s those unique shopping experiences that add to your city’s culture, making it a cool place to live!


3. Stand out with unique products

We’ve all been there. We bought a piece of clothing from *insert box store here* and walked out the door and saw 5 other people wearing the exact same thing. 

Small, local businesses will often have unique (or even custom) pieces that will have strangers asking you where you bought that. (Especially if it’s an adorable rain jacket on your dog, we guarantee people will be asking where you bought that.)


4. Better customer service

When dealing with a small business, there’s a good chance you may very well be dealing with the owner of the company. Small businesses really care about their customer service because they know how important it is to make their business thrive. And we’re not just talking about helping you fix issues if anything were to happen with your order. Small businesses owners are constantly looking for different ways to surprise and delight their customers. From hand written thank you messages in every order to remembering your dog's birthday, it’s the little things that make interacting with a small business so special. 


5. Local business owners are more likely to invest in your community

Many local businesses support local charities or non-profit organizations and often will donate a portion of their profits to these organizations. 


6. It’s more sustainable

Businesses that make and produce their products locally reduce their carbon footprint by not needing to ship large quantities of products overseas. They are also more likely to support other local businesses by using local services or local suppliers. 

When you shop local, you’re helping to strengthen the economy and build a sense of community. So next time you’re looking for something to purchase, consider shopping local and supporting the businesses in your area!

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